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Gayatri Juvekar, a versatile freelance professional, seamlessly intertwines her roles as a photographer, videographer, writer, editor, and adventurer. Since embarking on her freelancing journey in 2016, this self-taught artist has skillfully captured the essence of the natural world while infusing a keen sense of aesthetics into her work.

Specializing in environmental photography and extreme adventure sports, Gayatri's portfolio reflects her passion for both preserving the environment and engaging in daring activities herself. A true outdoors enthusiast, she thrives on being in nature, embodying the very spirit of adventure sports she captures through her lens.

Beyond the captivating visuals, Gayatri's work serves a greater purpose. It serves as a medium to raise awareness about environmental conservation, advocates for the thrill of extreme sports, and showcases her ability to weave compelling visual narratives through the art of photography.

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