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Sportshack Runnning

Sportshack Wellness represents a community of individuals bound by their shared passion for running and a commitment to holistic well-being. This diverse group engages in collective runs where experienced runners impart valuable knowledge about diet, technique, and motivation. The members, spanning various age groups, include individuals facing the challenges of diabetes. At the helm of this inspiring initiative is Shubham Bhandari, the founder, who dedicates himself to guiding and nurturing the running journeys of the participants over the years. As a documentarian, I had the privilege of occasionally joining these early morning sessions in Pune, capturing the camaraderie, determination, and sheer vitality that emanates from this group.

The images below offer a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Sportshack Wellness—a community where individuals come together to run, learn, and support one another in their pursuit of both physical and mental well-being. Through documenting these early morning runs, I aim to showcase not just the physical activity but the sense of unity and shared purpose that defines this running community in Pune.

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