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It's wonderful to reflect on the diverse range of projects I've had the privilege of working on with individuals, organizations, brands, and companies over the years. These images offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of my professional journey, each frame encapsulating the unique stories, collaborations, and creative endeavors that have unfolded throughout these projects. From capturing the essence of events to visually narrating the ethos of various initiatives, these photos are a testament to the dynamic and multifaceted nature of my work. I hope these visuals convey the passion, dedication, and creativity that have fueled these collaborative ventures.​


Breathless Pune

An Exhibition in collaboration with an NGO called Parisar, about the decreasing Air Quality in Pune city. Powerful visuals showcasing the causes and consequences of our actions towards the environment. 


Life in a Surf School

Working in a surf school for almost a year gave me a deeper understanding of how it works and how each person plays a significant role in the school. 


Sportshack Running Club

Sportshack is a group of people of all age groups who run together and are guided by some of the knowledgeable runners in the country. I would occasionally document some of their early morning runs in the city. 


Climb Like A Woman

Documenting a space for women by women to introduce rock climbing in different parts of India.


Mammut Clean Expedition : Kashmir

Alpinism and responsibility of keeping nature alive through education and awareness. 


Power Peaks Triathlon

Power peaks is a triathlon coaching group based in Pune. This race was held by Power peaks as a platform for all triathletes to test themselves and understand their own timings. It was inspiring to document and observe this race. 


Ecoexist - Initiatives

eCoexist believes in the loving coexistence of all living beings on this earth. They believe that human life can be fulfilling only if it respects, loves and protects nature. These are documentations of some collaborations of eCoexist and other individuals or groups.

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