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eCoexist enterprises and collaborations

At the heart of eCoexist lies a profound belief in the harmonious coexistence of all living beings on Earth. Their philosophy emphasizes that the fulfillment of human life is intricately tied to the respect, love, and protection of nature. My role within eCoexist has primarily involved documenting numerous workshops and collaborations between eCoexist and various individuals or groups who share a common commitment to environmental stewardship. The images below capture the essence of these collaborations, showcasing the collective efforts made over the past few years to promote and embody the principles of eCoexist. Through visual storytelling, these photos aim to convey the spirit of unity, shared values, and the impactful initiatives undertaken by eCoexist in fostering a deeper connection between humanity and the natural world.

eCoexist & Madhav Sahasrabuddhe - Charkha Workshop

Haldi Harvesting at Vinoba Bhave Janmasthan with eCoexist

eCoexist & Urbansketchers at Vinoba Bhave Janmasthan

in collaboration with 

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